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void net::sf::linuxorg::pcal::engine::Engine::parseLoadedFileProperties ( Properties  fileProperties ) [inline, private]

Process the file properties and fill the internal structures with their values

filePropertiesthe file properties to be processed

Definition at line 759 of file Engine.java.

References fileBBTCelsiusScale, net::sf::linuxorg::pcal::engine::BBTSympthomsSetDefinition::setSypmthomNameAndValues(), and sympthomsDefinition.

Referenced by loadFromFileProperties().

            // load the BBT preferences
            int i = 0;
            while(fileProperties.containsKey(BBT_SYMPTHOM+i)) {
                  String sympthom = fileProperties.getProperty(BBT_SYMPTHOM+i);

                  Vector<String> values = new Vector<String>();

                  int j=0;
                  while(fileProperties.containsKey(BBT_SYMPTHOM+i+BBT_VALUE+j)) {
                  sympthomsDefinition.setSypmthomNameAndValues(i, sympthom, values);
            String celsiusScale = fileProperties.getProperty(CELSIUS_SCALE, TRUE);
            fileBBTCelsiusScale = celsiusScale.equals(TRUE);

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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