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net::sf::linuxorg::pcal::bbtgui::BBTWidget Class Reference

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class  ActionAddOvulation
class  ActionDeleteRecord

Public Member Functions

Date getBbtStartDate ()
JComponent getBBTWidget ()
void prepareForClose ()
void refreshWidgets (Date startDate)

Static Public Attributes

static final int BBT_TEMPERATURE_LEVELS_C = 16
static final int BBT_TEMPERATURE_LEVELS_F = 22

Protected Attributes

int[] bbtPointRow = new int[] {}
int bbtTemperatureLevelsCount = BBT_TEMPERATURE_LEVELS_C
String[] dateLabels = new String[] {}
Date[] datesList = new Date[] {}
int verticalLabelsActiveCount = 0

Package Attributes

Action actionDeleteRecord

Private Member Functions

void generateHorizontalLabels (int bbtDaysCount)
void generateVerticalLabels ()
ActionListener getBBTActionListener ()
KeyListener getBBTKeyListener ()
MouseListener getBBTMouseListener ()
MouseMotionListener getBBTMouseMoutionListener ()
TableModel getBBTRowHeadersModel ()
DefaultTableCellRenderer getBBTTableCellRenderer ()
ActionListener getSympthomsMenuActionListener ()
DefaultTableCellRenderer getVerticalHeaderCellRenderer ()
void paintBBTGraph (Graphics g)
void refreshColors ()
void resetTableColumns ()
void resizeRowHeights ()
void showSympthomsPopup (Point point)
void toggleBBT (int selectedRow, int selectedColumn)

Private Attributes

Action actionAddOvulation
JPopupMenu bbtPopupMenu
JTable bbtRowHeader
JScrollPane bbtScrollPane
Date bbtStartDate = new Date()
JTable bbtTable
BBTTableModel bbtTableModel
JLabel currentMonthLabel
Color[] daysBGColors = new Color[] {}
Color[] daysFGColors = new Color[] {}
int genericRowHeight = 0
boolean[] isOvulationFlag = new boolean[] {}
Point popupActivatedCell = null
ActionListener sympthomsMenuActionListener
JPopupMenu sympthomsPopupMenu
int[] sympthomsRowHeights = new int[BBTSympthomsSetDefinition.BBT_SYMPTHOMS_COUNT]
String[] verticalLabels

Static Private Attributes

static final int BBT_TEMPERATURE_MIN_C = 360
static final int BBT_TEMPERATURE_MIN_F = 968
static final String CLEAR = "<CLEAR>"

Detailed Description

This class provides BBT Table widget with contains the BBT table and the supplementing components. Use the factory methods to get new instances of the widgets.

Mar'yan Rachynskyy

Definition at line 82 of file BBTWidget.java.

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