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net::sf::linuxorg::pcal::MainWindow Class Reference

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class  ActiomPrevYear
class  ActionAbout
class  ActionAddMenstruation
class  ActionAddNote
class  ActionAddOvulation
class  ActionContent
class  ActionDeleteRecord
class  ActionExit
class  ActionExport
class  ActionImport
class  ActionLicense
class  ActionNew
class  ActionNextMonth
class  ActionNextYear
class  ActionOpen
class  ActionPreferences
class  ActionPrevMonth
class  ActionRecordBirth
class  ActionRecordPregInt
class  ActionRecordPregnancy
class  ActionRemoveNote
class  ActionSave
class  ActionSaveAs
class  ActionShowBBTDialog
class  ActionShowStatistics
class  ActionToday
class  DayRenderInfo

Public Member Functions

final Date getCurrentCalendarStartDate ()
Color[] getDayColors (PCalDayInfo current_day_info)
JFrame getFrame ()
Graphics getGraphics ()
 MainWindow ()
void refreshAll (boolean jumpToToday)
void refreshLegend ()
boolean saveToFileHandler (final File file, final char[] password)
void setBusyCursor (boolean busy)

Static Public Member Functions

static ImageIcon createResoruceIcon (String imageName)
static JButton createToolbarButton (String imageName, String actionCommand, String toolTipText, ActionListener actionListener)
static Rectangle loadFrameBounds (final String prefKey, final Rectangle defaultBounds)
static void saveFrameBounds (final String prefKey, final Rectangle bounds)

Public Attributes

final Color DEFAULT_BIRTH_BG_COLOR = new Color(0x97189E)
final Color DEFAULT_BIRTH_FG_COLOR = new Color(0xFFFF00)
final Color DEFAULT_DAY1_BG_COLOR = new Color(0xB85252)
final Color DEFAULT_DAY1_FG_COLOR = new Color(0xFFFF00)
final Color DEFAULT_FERT_BG_COLOR = new Color(0x52B852)
final Color DEFAULT_FERT_FG_COLOR = new Color(0xFFFF00)
final Color DEFAULT_INACTIVE_MONTH_BG_COLOR = new Color(0xE5E5E5)
final Color DEFAULT_OVUL_BG_COLOR = new Color(0xD5ED4D)
final Color DEFAULT_OVUL_FG_COLOR = new Color(0x000000)
final Color DEFAULT_PBIRTH_BG_COLOR = new Color(0xDD0FEA)
final Color DEFAULT_PBIRTH_FG_COLOR = new Color(0xFFFF00)
final Color DEFAULT_PDAY1_BG_COLOR = new Color(0xE01F1F)
final Color DEFAULT_PDAY1_FG_COLOR = new Color(0xFFFF00)
final Color DEFAULT_PFERT_BG_COLOR = new Color(0x1FE01F)
final Color DEFAULT_PFERT_FG_COLOR = new Color(0xFFFF00)
final Color DEFAULT_PREG_BG_COLOR = new Color(0xB1C4E9)
final Color DEFAULT_PREG_FG_COLOR = new Color(0x000000)
final Color DEFAULT_UNDEFINED_MONTH_FG_COLOR = new Color(0x000000)
final Color defaultBGColors []
final Color defaultFGColors []
Color[] legendBGColors = new Color[8]
Color[] legendFGColors = new Color[8]

Static Public Attributes

static final String[] monthNames = {Messages.getString("MainWindow.202"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.203"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.204"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.205"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.206"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.207"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.208"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.209"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.210"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.211"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.212"), Messages.getString("MainWindow.213")}

Package Attributes

Action actiomPrevYear
Action actionAbout
Action actionAddMenstruation
Action actionAddNote
Action actionAddOvulation
Action actionContent
Action actionDeleteRecord
Action actionExit
Action actionExport
Action actionImport
Action actionLicense
Action actionNextMonth
Action actionNextYear
Action actionOpen
Action actionPreferences
Action actionPrevMonth
Action actionRecordBirth
Action actionRecordPregInt
Action actionRecordPregnancy
Action actionRemoveNote
Action actionShowBBTDialog
Action actionShowStatistics
Action actionToday
PCaBBTDialog bbtDialog = null
PCalHelpWindow helpDialog = null
PCalPrefDialog prefsDialog = null
PCalStatisticsDialog statisticsDialog = null
JLabel statisticsStatusBar = null
JLabel timerStatusBar = null

Private Member Functions

void buildMenuAndToolbar ()
boolean canCloseFile ()
void createAndShowGUI (String preloadFile)
void createMainPanel ()
void flushNotesPage ()
void initializeActions ()
void jumpToDate (Date new_date, boolean force_refresh)
void loadFileHandler (final File selectedFile, char[] password)
void loadFileHandler (final File selectedFile)
void readSettings ()
PCalDayInfo refreshCalendar (Date new_date, Calendar calendar, boolean need_to_rebuild)
void refreshNotes ()
void refreshStatistics ()
void resizeComponents ()
void selectDateNote (final Date note_date)
void showDisclaimer ()
char[] showPasswordWindow ()
void updateWindowTitle ()
void writeSettings ()

Private Attributes

Action actionNew
ActionSave actionSave
ActionSaveAs actionSaveAs
Date calCurrentDate = null
Date calCurrentNoteDate = null
Date calCurrentStartDate = null
Vector< DayRenderInfocalendarDays = new Vector<DayRenderInfo>()
JPopupMenu calendarPopupMenu = null
JScrollPane calendarScrollPane
JTable calendarTable = null
JLabel dayInfoLabelDate = new JLabel("")
JLabel dayInfoLabels []
String[] dayNames
JFrame frame
final int IDX_BIRTH = 5
final int IDX_DAY1 = 0
final int IDX_FERT = 2
final int IDX_OVUL = 7
final int IDX_P_BIRTH = 6
final int IDX_P_DAY1 = 1
final int IDX_P_FERT = 3
final int IDX_PREG = 4
boolean jumping = false
final JLabel legendLabels []
JList notesDatesList
DefaultListModel notesListModel
JSplitPane notesSplitPane
JTextArea notesTextArea
JLabel predictionLabel = new JLabel("")
int target_day_pos = 0
JLabel toolbarMonthLabel
JLabel toolbarYearLabel

Static Private Attributes

static final String PCAL_ENC_EXT = "pcalc"
static final String PCAL_EXT = "pcal"

Detailed Description

Mar'yan Rachynskyy

Definition at line 108 of file MainWindow.java.

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